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Commercial SPOTLIGHT

Commercial Spotlight: INFINITI
Proving that they do more than outstanding CGI, With A Twist created & produced this spot for Infiniti and ESPN. Be sure to watch the "behind the scenes" to see how it was done all in camera!

Twist Classics

Chevy Popcorn
Flexing their Automotive Muscle, the Twisters dish up this tasty classic. Hold the butter!


With A Twist delivered over 60 vfx shots as well as on set VFX Supervision on Machine Gun Preacher. Click to see the work here!
the thing
At long last the much anticipated "breath reel" from The Thing is complete! Take a deep breath and click here.
Hugo VFX
With A Twist was awarded VFX shots on the upcoming Martin Scorsese film Hugo. More Stereo Goodness for the 'Twisters. Check out the Trailer here.
Oz the Great and Powerful
With A Twist is currently providing Set Scanning, Techvis, & Postvis for Disney's Oz: The Great and Powerful. Bust out those red slippers and click here to learn more!
Freaky Deaky VFX
With A Twist is currently in vfx production on Freaky Deaky. Back to the 70's baby! Read more about it here.